Since 1977 as an employee of Wolf Coach, Kevin Lavin has designed and built many custom emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, brush trucks and all other types of municiple vehicles. Over the years New England Truck Design has built numerous emergency vehicles with unique bodies and features regarding the customers preferences. We stock many options for emergency lighting as well. All installation and wiring can be done in-house here at the shop. We also do repairs on just about anything.

11' Flatbed on a Ford F450

  • Tapered Headboard with 1x2 Tubular Shade
  • Custom Double Door Toolboxes

Ambulance Take-Off Body

  • Rear Tail Light Valance with Whelen Lights
  • This Truck is a Brush Truck for a Fire Department in Otsego NY

Custom Fire Truck Features

  • Custom front bumper extension w/ hose box
  • Box open


  • Rear bumper extension


  • Rear bumper extension

Custom Fire Truck Features

  • Custom front bumper w/ hose box
  • Close-up

Custom Aluminum Flatbed

  • Whelen emergency lighting
  • Reflective caution tape
  • Equipment mounting
  • Custom d-ring latch toolboxes
  • Diamondplate fenders
  • Under bed hose tray

F-350 with Custom Skirted Flatbed

  • Custom Recessed Toolboxes Front and Rear of the Wheels
  • Wide Aluminum Fairing with LED Lights in the Side
  • Polished toolboxes above the deck
  • Under bed hose tray
  • Tapered Diamond Plate Running Boards with LED Lights
  • Link Air Ride Suspension
  • Gooseneck Hitch and Class V in the Rear
  • Transfer Flow Auxiliary Fuel System
  • Custom Control Console Inside

Custom Fire Truck Features

  • Custom diamondplate hose covers

Custom Fire Truck Features

  • Custom hose baskets

11' Brush Truck

  • Started life as an ambulance
  • Custom in-house boxes

11' Fan Truck

  • 11' Road-Craft flatbed
  • Protech toolboxes
  • Low profile
  • Headboard with S/T/T and backup lights
  • We would like to note that this project was done in conjuction with Brigham Industries