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NETD has been a Boss snowplow dealer for over 14 years. We offer the full line of products from Boss ranging from the versatile 5' ATV plow to the beastly 10' Power-V DTX. We've chosen to remain a Boss snowplow dealer simply because of their superior design and functionality relative to their competitors. Due to their intelligent design, Boss plows offer a greater ease of use when it comes to installation and repair, without sacrificing performance.

Please call us for additional info on pricing and application: 978-422-8870



With Boss's innovative design, installing has never been easier. We do everything from aligning headlights to making sure the hydraulic fluid is topped of, just to make sure every plow leaves here at 100%. Please call us for more information or to schedule an installation.

Snowplows are designed to take a heavy beating, but that doesn't mean they can't break every once in a while. At NETD we stock plenty of spare parts which enables us to offer a fast and efficient repair service, so you can minimize on down time. Just call us if you ever have a problem.