We build all kinds of aluminum flatbeds, Most are heavy duty using plate floors and I-beam cross members. A we use a heavy walled angle for the perimeter frame. The vertical edge at the bottom of the wall allows you top hook a tie down strap to it anywhere around the perimeter. This eliminated the tie rail which usually gets all bent and wavy. Our heavy duty bodies have a 3/8" thick perimeter angle you can bounce off trees with. Our plate floors are typically 3/16" for a non dumping bodies and 1/4" for Dumping bodies. We build a tubular welded headboard in most any configuration you want. Some with lights, some with lumber stops, some with fairings, some straight, some angled, you get the picture. Our board pockets are milled into the side rail and reinforced inside with a welded in channel. Our long sills depend on the height desired and the configuration. If its a dumping body it would typically get a 5" structural channel with a .497" web. Compare that to the competition. Following are a few of our favorites. Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions you may have. Thanks.

Custom Flatbed for Early GMC

  • Early GMC 1-ton crew cab
  • Cummins diesel conversion
  • Conversion done very well by our customer
  • Protech toolboxes

New GMC 3500 9.5' Flatbed

  • Low mounted Road-Craft dumping flatbed 9.5' x 90"
  • Reverse mounted Rugby hoist arrangement framed into floor
  • Gooseneck hitch with #30,000 ball
  • S/T/T and work lights built into headboard
  • Protech toolboxes
  • Custom shelf inside box with Hydraulics

Road-Craft Flatbed w/ many Addons

  • Many toolboxes all around
  • Built for Skyquip LLC
  • Specializing in Hydra Frac equipment

2 Custom 14' Flatbeds

  • Protech I-Pack and underbody boxes
  • All boxes have dome lights on a master switch
  • Poly water tanks strap mounted to an aluminum base frame
  • Portable generator storage bins under deck
  • Lift out gates at the front of the body 10' fold down sides
  • Re rod storage at the base of the headboard
  • Custom tool rack on the headboard
  • 8' long storage tubes through rear skirt
  • Bustin pull out steps at 3 locations
  • Maxxima and Whelen strobe lights
  • 3/4" hitch plate with 10 ton combo hitch and trailer brake controls

Low Mount Dumping Flatbed

  • Reverse mounted hoist with gooseneck hitch
  • Protech toolboxes
  • Fleet engineering fenders
  • Lift out side panels
  • Headboard with built in lights
  • Westin stainless tube steps

9'12" Road-Craft Flatbed

  • Fixed 6" side rails
  • Removable rear board
  • Step rear bumper incorporated with hitch
  • Auto Crane electric crane
  • Miller trailblazer welder
  • Protech toolboxes w/ stainless steel doors
  • Buyers beacon light on roof
  • Trux revolution lights on back of the headboard and running boards
  • All other lights from Maxxima
  • Boss 9'2" stainless DXT V-plow
  • Cobra Weatherband CB radio

8'12" Road-Craft Flatbed

  • Low profile
  • Fully skirted
  • Custom hitch
  • Custom toolboxes
  • Board pockets on 3 sides

14' Road-Craft Flatbed

  • 10' fold down sides
  • 48" lift out gates at the front of the body
  • Lift out gates at rear
  • Protech 24" I-pack toolbox
  • Protech 48"x24" underbody box with bay style doors
  • All compartments lighted
  • Custom water tank mount
  • 48" reinforced cab shield
  • Whelen and Maxxima strobe lighting
  • Maxxima flood lights in 4 places
  • Portable G0-Lites with 3 power outlets
  • 4 pull out steps
  • 4" storage conduits
  • 3/4" hitch plate w/ 10 ton combo pintle

9'x88" Road-Craft Flatbed

  • Holland 6000 5th wheel
  • Maxxima rear facing flood lights
  • LED strobe lights front and rear

9' Road-Craft Flatbed

  • Gooseneck hitch with #30,000ball
  • 2" Reciever hitch at rear
  • Protech toolboxes

16' Beaver Tail Body

  • Road-Craft car hauler
  • 1/4" 6061 diamond plate floor
  • Fully framed I-Beam floor
  • 1/8" akuminum toolboxes with tube reinforced floor
  • Heavy duty aluminum pull out ramps
  • 12K Pierce worm drive winch with 3/8" cable
  • Heavy steel tube ladder frame for frame extension
  • Rear bumper made from 3x8x1/4 steel tube
  • 2 1/2" receiver hitch with bolt to tighten draw bar
  • Stop, tail, turn lights in headboard
  • Rear flood lights on switch at the dash

14 Year Old Road-Craft Ulility Flatbed

  • We remounted the body on a new F-450
  • Replaced the lift gate with a new 'flow through' Thieman ramp
  • Equipped a curb side water tank with a heated drain valve by interrupting the vehicles heating system
  • Ready for another 14 years

Custom Aluminum Flatbed

  • Unique build
  • Heavy 4" headboard with emergency and work lights built in
  • Custom stainless underbody boxes
  • Under bed storage through the rear for gate tools, shovels etc.
  • It will eventually get top side boxes and a transfer tank
  • All Federal Signal lights in the rear panel
  • Removable grip strut step into receivers on the hitch

Standard Flatbed w/ Sideboards

  • New Ford F550
  • 30" Protech toolbox
  • 8" permanent sideboards
  • Rear stirrup steps
  • LED lighting

9' Low Profile Flatbed

  • Built for a slide in camper application
  • Headboard flush with roof
  • Floor is framed out over tire for bump travel
  • 30" Protech toolboxes

11' Extra Heavy Flatbed

  • 3/8" 6061 plate floor
  • 4" I-beams
  • 3"x5"x3/8" perimeter angle frame
  • External pockets and tie rail
  • Full height headboard
  • Removable tube frame sides
  • Gooseneck hitch with #30,000 ball
  • Glad hands at gooseneck location
  • 3/4" rear hotch plate with 2" receiver
  • 36" Protech toolbox curb side

12' Heavy Spec Flatbed

  • 12' Road-Craft heavy spec flatbed
  • Road-Craft smooth aluminum fenders
  • Protech 48" toolboxes
  • Custom rear skirt with step buckets and LED lighting

Custom Skirted Flatbed Body

  • F-350 with Custom Skirted Flatbed
  • Custom Recessed Toolboxes Front and Rear of the Wheels
  • Wide Aluminum Fairing with LED Lights in the Side
  • Polished toolboxes above the deck
  • Tapered Diamond Plate Running Boards with LED Lights
  • Link Air Ride Suspension
  • Gooseneck Hitch and Class V in the Rear
  • Transfer Flow Auxiliary Fuel System
  • Custom Control Console Inside

8' Aluminum Flatbed Body

  • 8' Road-Craft Flatbed on a New 3500 Chevy
  • Tapered Headboard with 1x2 Tubular Shade
  • Tapered Corners Front and Rear
  • Fuel Fill Guards
  • Rear Tail Light Valance Utilizing the Factory Lights
  • This Truck is a Brush Truck for a Fire Department in Otsego NY

Aluminum Flatbed Dump Body

  • Chevy 1 Ton with Flatbed Dump
  • Internal Stake Pockets
  • Square Style Headboard with Tube Members in Window Area
  • Rear Valance Utilizing Factory Tail Lights
  • Rugby HR520 Hoist

Aluminum Skirted Flatbed Body

  • GMC 5500 4X4
  • Aluminum Skirted Flatbed
  • Diamond Plate Rear Valance
  • Tall Headboard with S/T/T Lights and Backups
  • American Mobile Power Transfer Tank with Fill Rite Pump

Custom Skirted Flatbed Body

  • 1964 Studebaker Champ from Tennessee
  • Custom All Aluminum Skirted Flatbed Built to Fit the Truck
  • Stainless Wheel Trim and Chip Gaurds at the Corners
  • Custom Headboard with Mirror Stainless Panel for the Lights
  • Rear Step Style Bumper Attached Directly to the Truck Frame
  • 2" Receiver Hitch

Custom Flatbed Dump Body

  • Another Oldie but Goody, 80's Vintage Chevy
  • Custom Flatbed Dump
  • Custom Headboard with Cab Shield and Tie Rails
  • Custom Toolboxes with Tie Rail on Top
  • 2-Way Tailgate with Chains
  • Rear Tail Light Valance

Aluminum Utility Flatbed Body

  • F 450 with a Utility Flatbed
  • Removable Rails
  • This One has a 5th Wheel too
  • Full Height Forward Toolboxes Through the Deck
  • Rear Toolboxes Below the Deck
  • All LED Lighting

Aluminum Flatbed Dump Body

  • GM 5500 with a Dumping Flatbed
  • Heavy Duty Plate Style Headboard with Cab Shield
  • Framed and Barred Window Area
  • 48" Protech Toolboxes
  • Rugby Hoist
  • Rear Light Valance with LED Flashers

18' Aluminum Flatbed Body

  • We Build Big Ones too!
  • This One's 18' Long
  • Aero Side Kit
  • Millenium Lights Down the Side
  • Protech Tool Boxes On All Aluminum Mounts

Utility Flatbed Dump Body

  • This Was a 3500 Pickup
  • Custom Dumping Utility Flatbed
  • Also has American Mobile Power 90 Gallon Tank
  • Protech Underbody Boxes

12' Aluminum Flatbed Body

  • F550 Crew Cab
  • 12' Aluminum Flatbed
  • 48" Protech Underbody Box
  • Stirrup Ladder at Front
  • Fancy Diamond Plate Tail Light Panel

Welding Flatbed Body

  • F350 with a Welding Body
  • Bottle Pockets at the Front
  • Custom Above Body Toolboxes
  • The Configurations are Endless

Skirted Flatbed Dump Body

  • F350 with Custom Flatbed Dump
  • Painted Aluminum Skirts
  • Stainless Chip Guards at the 4 Corners
  • Polished Stainless Doors on the Toolbox
  • Polished Stainless Wheel Opening Trim
  • Westin Stainless Tube Steps

Utility Flatbed Body

  • F450 Utility Flatbed
  • Custom Through Body Toolboxes
  • Custom Topside Boxes too!
  • Custom Diamond Plate Fenders
  • Millenium

Heavy Duty Flatbed Body

  • F450 with a Heavy Duty Aluminum Flatbed
  • 8' Toolboxes Stacked 2 High
  • Cleanout Space Between the Toolboxes
  • 50 Gallon Water Tank on Curbside with Heated Ball Valve
  • Rail Style Liftgate
  • Racks with Removable Rear Cross Bar
  • Stainless Fenders

Skirted Flatbed Body

  • Aluminum skirted body
  • Body painted to match truck
  • Theilman tuck away lift gate built in
  • Gooseneck 5th wheel hitch
  • Rear corners are chamfered for trailer clearance

9' Flatbed Body

  • Dodge 9' flatbed
  • Removable tailgate
  • Fixed smooth sides
  • Custom gooseneck hitch

Aluminum Flatbed Body

  • New 3500 GMC pickup delete
  • Custom aluminum flatbed
  • Custom aluminum toolboxes
  • Removable tailgate
  • Heavyduty ladder for access
  • Rear step bumper
  • Tool basket curb side above tool box

Beaver Tail Flatbed Body

  • New GMC 3500
  • Beaver tail flatbed
  • Holland FW 6000 5th wheel hith w/ custom mount

Aluminum Flatbed Body

  • New 3500 Chevy with a Road-Craft Flatbed
  • 20" High x 96" Toolboxes with Tailgate
  • 24" Underbody Boxes
  • Removable Vise Mount
  • Halogen Work Lights

Aluminum Flatbed Body

  • Road-Craft flatbed wih dump style cab shield
  • Tool rack on the rear of the cab shield
  • Dual Protech toolboxes
  • Custom aluminum tailgate
  • Road-Craft aluminum fenders

10' Aluminum Flatbed Body

  • '05 Isuzu cabover
  • 10' flatbed body
  • Fold down sides
  • Protech 30" and 48" toolboxes
  • 1/2" hitch plate with 2" receiver

Flatbed Replace Body

  • Road-Craft aluminum flatbed to replace a damaged pickup body
  • Custom fit to Dodge chassis
  • Utilized existing bumper

Heavy Duty Replace Flatbed Body

  • Replacement body
  • Heavy construction
  • Deck and headboard
  • Theiman tuck away gate w/ aluminum wedge platform
  • Protech toolboxes
  • Removable side panels

Fold Down Side Flatbed

  • F350 pickup
  • Road-Craft aluminum flatbed
  • Fold down sides from 3/16" aluminum
  • Full height headboard
  • Rear trim to cover spare tire and chassis

Heavy Duty Aluminum Flatbed

  • Dodge 5500
  • Heavy spec Road-Craft body with 5" perimeter frame
  • Floor is 1/4" forward area with 1 3/4" oak in the rear
  • Lift out side panels forward for 55 gallon drum storage
  • Protech toolboxes above body
  • Reelcraft air, lube and hydraulics rels installed and plumbed


Aluminum Service Flatbed

  • Road-Craft 88x108 service flatbed
  • Large through body toolboxes at front
  • E-track inside to hold propane tanks
  • Theiman rail gate with aluminum platform
  • 1/8" aluminum skirting
  • This truck will get a vinyl wrap with graphics


Quick Release Flatbed

  • Quick release removable dumping flatbed
  • Heavy aluminum construction
  • All LED lighting
  • Inline light harness disconnect
  • Diamond plate fairing and light box on headboard

Low Profile Flatbed

  • New Dodge 4500
  • Low profile Road-Craft flatbed heavy duty
  • 4" cross members
  • 5" perimeter rail
  • 3/8 6061 floor
  • Reverse mounted Rugby hoist for future gooseneck hitch installation
  • Floor is pocketed for hoist clearance to keep body low
  • 1"x3" steel sleeper rails
  • Protech toolboxes with aluminum mounts
  • Lift out window panel in headboard
  • This is a grain body floor without the walls and barn doors

8 1/2' Aluminum Flatbed

  • 8 1/2' custom aluminum body
  • Custom rear tail light panel with backlit customer name
  • Gooseneck hitch and heavy duty rear plate hitch
  • Protech toolboxes with polished doors
  • Our custom mirror stainless fenders
  • Fuel fill hidden in street side toolbox
  • Fold down/removable rear tail gate
  • Whelen LED strobe on headboard
  • Remote control GoLight spotlight on headboard

Walled Aluminum Flatbed

  • New Dodge 3500
  • Road-Craft aluminum body
  • Tapered removable side boards
  • Protech 30" toolboxes
  • Road-Craft diamond plate fenders
  • Theiman Toplifter lift gate with 2 piece aluminum platform